Starfield Paradox: New Game Plus and Its Impact

Starfield Introduction

Starfield, Bethesda’s much-anticipated space-faring RPG, has taken the gaming world by storm. While it boasts an impressive open-world universe, rich storytelling, and innovative gameplay mechanics, one aspect has sparked debate among players – the implementation of New Game Plus. In this article, we’ll delve into the intriguing world of Starfield and explore why the emphasis on New Game Plus may not have been the best decision for this game.

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The Starborn Revelation

Approximately two-thirds into Starfield’s main storyline, players encounter a pivotal revelation – the Starborn, who were initially thought to be aliens, are, in fact, interdimensional humans. This revelation lays the foundation for the game’s unique New Game Plus concept. The idea was that players would become Starborn themselves, reliving the story with prior knowledge and the ability to make different choices.

The Problem with New Game Plus

While New Game Plus is a common feature in many games, its implementation in Starfield has raised eyebrows. The issue lies in how it contradicts the way most players enjoy Bethesda games. When you skip New Game Plus in Starfield, you feel like you’re missing out on crucial elements of the game, such as discovering changes, receiving small bonuses, and experiencing occasional otherworldly surprises. However, if you do decide to embark on a new game plus journey, you’ll lose almost everything you’ve worked hard to achieve in the game.


Loss of Progress

In Starfield, starting a new game plus means bidding farewell to your weapons, armor, credits, and all ongoing quests. This loss extends to creative ship and base-building, wiping away all your designs and materials. Even the exploration aspect suffers, as you lose all your survey data on the worlds you’ve meticulously cataloged. This begs the question: Why would Bethesda design a game this way?

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Frustration for Diverse Playstyles

Bethesda games have always encouraged diverse playstyles, allowing players to experiment with different character builds and choices. However, in Starfield, this flexibility is restricted. You can’t reallocate skill points to try a new build, as the game doesn’t allow you to reset your character’s skills. Consequently, players who want to transition from combat-oriented characters to explorers or builders are left with no choice but to grind through higher levels, a tedious process.

The Settling Point

Ultimately, this design choice leads to a critical juncture for players who aim to “max out” the game, a common goal in Bethesda RPGs. After enduring the frustration of losing progress in New Game Plus loops, many players, like myself, reach a point of exhaustion. For me, it happened around New Game Plus 2, when I realized that the “alternate” starts offered little more than a humorous introduction and didn’t significantly impact the game.

A Flawed Concept

The decision to structure New Game Plus around the loss of virtually all progress, except skill points, seems flawed for a game like Starfield. It detracts from the overall experience and mars the game’s ending, leaving players with numerous unanswered questions about the mysterious temples and bizarre artifact technology. This unexplored narrative territory, coupled with the frustrations of New Game Plus, left a lingering sense of disappointment for many players.


In conclusion, while Starfield shines in many aspects, its approach to New Game Plus leaves much to be desired. The loss of progress and limitations on character development hinder the enjoyment of the game for those who seek to fully explore its vast universe. The narrative also suffers due to unanswered questions surrounding the game’s core concept. Hopefully, future updates or DLCs will address these issues and provide a more satisfying gaming experience.


  1. Is Starfield worth playing despite these issues with New Game Plus? Absolutely. Despite the New Game Plus frustrations, Starfield offers a captivating and immersive gaming experience that’s worth exploring.
  2. Are there any workarounds for the limitations of New Game Plus in Starfield? Unfortunately, there are no official workarounds for the New Game Plus limitations in the game. Players must adapt to the existing system.
  3. Will Bethesda address these concerns in future updates or DLCs? While there’s no official confirmation, game developers often listen to player feedback, so there’s hope for improvements in the future.
  4. Can you provide any tips for a smoother New Game Plus experience in Starfield? To make the most of New Game Plus, focus on different choices and role-playing aspects, as these can provide a fresh perspective on the game.
  5. Is there a way to access additional content related to the Starfield storyline? It’s possible that future DLCs will delve into the unanswered questions surrounding the game’s narrative, so stay tuned for updates

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