1 kg Gold Price in India 29 October 2023, Gold Rate Per KG 22 & 24 Carat


Gold has always held a special place in the hearts of Indians. For centuries, it has been considered a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Today, in the era of modern finance, the price of gold continues to play a pivotal role in the economy and financial planning. In this article, we will delve into the intricate details of the 1 kg gold price in India, exploring its historical significance, factors affecting its price, investment opportunities, cultural significance, and much more.

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Gold price in India today are Rs 5,741000▲ per KG for 22k, while for 24k also known as 999 gold, price are Rs 6,263000▲ per KG.

1 kg Gold Price in India 22 carat gold price (INR)

KG22 K Today22 K YesterdayPrice Change
1 KG 5741000 5740000 1000 ▲
2 KG 11482000 11480000 2000 ▲
5 KG 28705000 28700000 5000 ▲
10 KG 57410000 57400000 10000 ▲

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1 kg Gold Price in India 24 carat gold price (INR)

KG24 K Today24 K YesterdayPrice Change
1 KG 6263000 6262000 1000 ▲
2 KG 12526000 12524000 2000 ▲
5 KG 31315000 31310000 5000 ▲
10 KG 62630000 62620000 10000 ▲

1 kg Gold Price in India 18 carat gold price (INR)

KG18 K Today18 K YesterdayPrice Change
1 KG 4698000 4696400 1600 ▲
2 KG 9396000 9392800 3200 ▲
5 KG 23490000 23482000 8000 ▲
10 KG 46980000 46964000 16000 ▲

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Gold Price in India Last 10 Days(1 Kg):-

Date22 K Gold24 k gold
Oct 29, 2023 5741000 (1000▲) 6263000 (1000▲)
Oct 28, 2023 5740000 (60000▲) 6262000 (66000▲)
Oct 27, 2023 5680000 ( ~ ) 6196000 ( ~ )
Oct 26, 2023 5680000 (15000▲) 6196000 (16000▲)
Oct 25, 2023 5665000 (10000▲) 6180000 (11000▲)
Oct 24, 2023 5655000 (20000▲) 6169000 (24000▲)
Oct 23, 2023 5635000 (25000▼) 6145000 (30000▼)
Oct 22, 2023 5660000 ( ~ ) 6175000 ( ~ )
Oct 21, 2023 5660000 (20000▲) 6175000 (22000▲)
Oct 20, 2023 5640000 (70000▲) 6153000 (77000▲)

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Historical Perspective of Gold in India

Gold has been an integral part of Indian culture and tradition for centuries. It has not only been used for adornment but also as an investment. The history of gold in India dates back to ancient civilizations and empires, where it was used as currency and a symbol of power.

Factors Affecting Gold Prices

The price of Gold is not static, it fluctuates due to various factors. We will explore how international market trends, geopolitical events, and currency exchange rates impact the price of gold in India.

An analysis of the present gold prices in India and a comparison with international rates will provide insights into the market’s current status.

The Impact of Inflation on Gold Prices

One of the major reasons people invest in gold is its ability to hedge against inflation. This section will explain how gold serves as a reliable safeguard against the erosion of purchasing power.

Investing in Gold: Is It a Wise Choice?

We’ll discuss the various ways to invest in gold, including jewelry, coins, bars, and paper gold, offering a comprehensive overview of the pros and cons of each method.

Buying and Selling Gold in India

A step-by-step guide on buying and selling gold in India, along with the documentation required, will be covered here.

Gold as an Essential Part of Indian Culture

The cultural significance of gold in India goes beyond financial aspects. Gold is used in weddings, festivals, and rituals. We’ll explore these cultural ties.

Government Regulations and Taxes

Understanding the government policies, regulations, and tax implications when dealing with gold is essential for a successful investment strategy.

Tips for Buying Gold Smartly

Learn valuable tips on making wise decisions when purchasing gold, including assessing the purity, checking certifications, and comparing prices.

Gold Price Forecast

Based on current market trends and expert opinions, we’ll offer a glimpse into the future of gold prices in India.

Comparing Gold with Other Investments

A comparative analysis of gold with other investment options, such as stocks, real estate, and mutual funds, will help you make informed investment choices.

The Future of Gold in India

As the world evolves, so does the perception of gold. We’ll discuss the evolving role of gold in India’s economy and culture.


Summing up the importance of gold in India and the diverse aspects covered in this article, we’ll highlight why it remains a valuable asset.


  1. What is the current price of 1 kg gold in India? The price of 1 kg of gold in India varies based on market fluctuations. It’s advisable to check with reputable sources for the most up-to-date rates.
  2. Is gold a good investment option in India? Gold has historically been a sound investment in India due to its ability to hedge against inflation and cultural significance.
  3. What are the tax implications when buying gold in India? The tax on gold in India depends on various factors, including the form of gold and the duration of ownership. It’s essential to be aware of the tax laws.
  4. How can I ensure the authenticity of gold when buying it? Always buy gold from trusted and certified sources. Check for proper certifications and purity marks.
  5. What are the different forms of gold available for investment in India? In India, you can invest in gold in various forms, including jewelry, coins, bars, and paper gold, such as gold ETFs and sovereign gold bonds.

In conclusion, gold is not just a precious metal; it’s a symbol of India’s rich culture and a versatile financial asset. Understanding the nuances of the 1 kg gold price in India is essential for anyone looking to invest in or appreciate this timeless treasure.